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My vision from the sixties

Ever since I can remember, I have been a drummer. For my entire life, I have been learning, mastering and innovating the unique sound of drums.
I’ve played in concerts, television shows and festivals, and have recorded with many other artists. I’ve experienced almost every kind of drum that exists today in the market.
My curiosity, ambition, and skills in carpentry , led me on a Journey: to build the perfect drum for me, a drum that would meet all my musical needs… the drum of my dreams.
In recent years, I have devoted my experience, skill and knowledge to build handmade snare drums from scratch.
.These drums are truly one of a kind. They are the product of my vision and a lifetime of drumming, learning and crafting
I hope that in my drums, you will find your own sound and the inspiration to achieve your dreams.

Handcrafted, solid wood Drums

The creative process starts in a lumberyard, choosing the primary raw material: wood. I use a variety of exotic trees from all over the world.
I bring the wood to my workshop where I carve and cut the pieces to the angle desired. My crafting approach includes a small amount of glue and lots of wood, which improves the sound quality.
Each drum receives my full attention and creativity. In sourcing and crafting each drum, I respect and honor the source of the wood, the earth and the water, which are integral parts of the final product.
The result is a unique high quality product, with a deep, warm and rich sound.
From my workshop to wherever you may take it.
Solid wood. Elegant, handcrafted drums.

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