The History of the Snare Drums (in short)

Drums have always been a key part of music, but the first snare drum didn’t look at all like they do today. The first evidence of a snare drum was called the Tambor. The drum was used in Europe of 1300, it was a founder of snares because of string across one side of the drum, call tabor.

Newer and more modern drums were developed and used in the military  which eventually caught on. In the 1400 the drum was very large and hung over the players shoulder, this was called a field drum.The field drum could be lensioned by pulling a rope that was threaded through the head of the drum,

In the 1600 new methods of tensioning the drum were invented.

this involved tightening with screws rather then just rope. During this time the snares on the bottom were also tightened to create a much crisper sound rather then a long rattle.

Now players could play much quicker and up beat rhythms.

over time more medals and improvements were added to the drum until it looks like does today.

There are many snare drums for different purposes like marching snare drums, orchestra snares and just “normal” snares.

Snares made out of brass, steel, copper , wood and even aluminum.



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