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We are thrilled to have the wonderful snares of the legendary drummer and craftsman Roni Zadik in Jerusalem!!!
Roni created rare and special snares with a new and unusual technique.
The result is a high quality musical instrument, with a rich, deep and warm sound.
This noble man chose to name his drums after his dear wife Carmel. The snares Roni builds himself, without any outsourced production, and all the snares are a unique piece of Roni’s work. You are invited to visit us and hear the wonderful snares in person.”

-Drum Bite

“I’m honoured to have received this beautiful handcrafted snare today, made by a great drummer and good friend – Roni Zadik. All drummers should check out Roni’s unique masterful snares! Tying out this beauty today @Folkestone Ethnic Jazz Festival 2017

-Theo Paskal


For drummers all around the world, you must check out this beautiful
hand made snare by drummer Roni Zadik..The sound is killer! :)”
-Patricia India Paskal

“So there are a few crazy people who really build drums from scratch, amd Carmelita snares is not like anything else.
Roni Tzadik has always been one of my favorite musicians. He has played with countless artists and large bands all around the world. He is also one of the most humble people, something that is so rare nowadays.
This man produces awesome snares. Do yourself a favor and check Carmelita’s snares by Roni Tzadik … This is a person who is driven by a pure desire to perfect drums as an experienced musician.
We are happy and proud to play and endorse this beautiful instrument.”

-Roee Star ( drummers4drummers)

I have to thank Roni, a legendary drummer with golden hands, who produces the highest level of snare drums with lots of love, patience and attention to all the smallest details. Dear friends, I recommend these drums from the bottom of my heart.

-Asaf korenberg

“Jesus, What a snare!

Roni is the King

You should visit (the workshop) immediately!”

– Zevik Vishnevski

“Be there or be a square

Can’t thank you enough for my perfect snare! ❤️❤️”

-Omer Kurchi

Carmelita Drums

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